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Auditorium module

Auditorium module

•    A chair with a raised seat attached to the floor
•    Stationary table on the back of the chair
•    Seat and backrest material: birch plywood
•    Finishing: varnish slightly tinted white
•    The seat and backrest are upholstered and covered with fabric
•    Side posts: 40 x 25 mm square tube
•    Metal parts painted with RAL powder paint according to the customer's request
•    The set includes stationary tables for the first row of chairs 
•    Module width 550 mm, height 960 mm
•    The chairs are installed next to the auditorium floor, the row spacing is 900 mm
•    Depth of the table next to the back of the chair: 350 mm


  • H960mm / W1120mm / D1310mm

  • A418.06.100