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Pneumatic table

Pneumatic table

Height-adjustable, custom-made tables with pneumatic shock absorbers (adjustment using compressed air).

Frame: The table has a vertical height-adjustable table leg or legs made of square tube (e.g. 50x50 mm or similar), which is located in the middle of the table top, and horizontal table legs resting on the floor (e.g. 25x25 mm or similar) made of square tube. Small reg soles / bushings under the foot frame. 
It is important that the distance between the horizontal table legs resting on the floor is at least  780 mm, so that an office chair with a 710 mm wide leg can fit between the table legs. A support frame under the tabletop for rigidity and stability.

Adjustment: The height adjustment lever of the table leg  is located so that it does not extend beyond the perimeter of the table top and does not interfere with placing the tables in a row, and so that it is not possible to accidentally hit it with your knee while sitting. 

Tabletop: 20mm MDF furniture board tabletop, covered with high-pressure laminate. The fixings to the frame are not visible on the surface of the plate.

Bag hanging hook on the outside of the leg of the table top, which is the same tone as the frame and does not interfere with placing the tables in a row. 

Socket under the table Bachmann: 3 sockets + 1 configurable communication socket (cat6), UNIVERSAL LSE922.01111, is fixed under the table top. Recessed tabletop wire rosette d-80mm MF: 428.96.304 black, the wire rosette is located on the window side of the tabletop, the exact location must be agreed with the interior architect before making the hole.
Coordinate with the interior architect in advance!

  • 1000x800mm/ h=700x1190mm


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