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Changing room closet 3/300

Changing room closet 3/300

VRK 3/300 is a wardrobe with a narrow 300mm door, designed for dressing rooms where a bench is placed in front of the wardrobe. The body of the wardrobe is made of a welded pipe frame, and the body is attached to the pipe frame with rivets. Air vents are located at the top and bottom of the cabinet. The doors can be ordered from a wooden board covered with laminate or from 1.2 mm thick steel, which provides rigidity and strength against the formation of dents. Delivered assembled and locked.



Doors:Laminate or metal

Cabinet depth with door open:816 mm

Standard equipment:hat rack, hanger tube, lock

Colour:kõik toonid, vastavalt kliendi soovile         

  • 977.03.000 Metal door

    977.03.000-07 Lam door